Stephanie Douglas


Born in Collingwood, Ontario in August of 1989, it was apparent from a young age that Stephanie had a vast imagination and enjoyed telling stories. 

As time went on, she went from elaborate story lines played out by her dolls to writing short stories with pen and paper. Writing was always an outlet for her, following her throughout school and into high school where she won several awards in the school's English contest and received praise in her grade 12 Writer's Craft class.

Fresh off graduating in 2007, she attended the Toronto Film School with aspirations of starting a career in film, though writing was always in the back of her mind. On a stormy July day a year later, she discovered her passion for writing once again. 

After graduating from TFS that autumn, she took a break to focus on her first two novels. Two years later, in the fall of 2010, she self-published her first novel under the pen name of Stephanie O'Hanlon. 

Just over two years later she was accepted for publication by an independent publisher, which started her journey in historical romance. She cancelled her self-publishing contract and submitted her debut novel to the same publisher, both going live in 2013. 

Indie publishing was the step in the right direction, using the time with said publisher to learn about the business, grow her platform, and write more books!

Further expanding her catalogue, she published several books with another indie publisher, but they parted ways less than a year later. 


Following that, her original publisher closed its doors in 2018 and the rights to her novels were returned to her. She ceased writing under O'Hanlon and rebranded, venturing into self-publishing again with "The Beast of Bradley Downs"on Kindle Direct Publishing in May of 2019 under her birth name of Douglas. 


Following the moderate success of that endeavour, she was inspired to write and later that year publish her next novel, "Summoned: A Battle With Darkness" on KDP as well, which will be re-released with a fresh edit and a paperback option on October 30th, 2021.


While writing erotic romance under a special pen name, the opportunity for her next novel, urban fantasy/paranormal romance "Fright Club" to be published came about, and was picked up by Black Velvet Seductions. It is due to be released in eBook and paperback autumn/winter 2021 as well. 


Stephanie lives in the GTA of Ontario, Canada with her three beloved Ragdoll cats, Ulalume (pictured), Vincent (Binks), and Edgar.  

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