The Beast of Bradley Downs

Part One of The Beast Within Duet

Can Beauty outrun the Beast? 

Karoline Hale is on the run. After witnessing her boyfriend get killed she abandons everything she once knew for a new life consisting of bus tickets and hotel rooms, a duffel bag full of old clothes, and a shotgun. She isn’t running from any ordinary killer.


She is running from the Beast of Bradley Downs—a creature that kills without judgment and is hunting Karoline. She can only run for so long before she needs to gather her strength and face the Beast that howls under the wind, prowls the night, and cannot be killed by modern means.


Cover by DuskTilDawn Designs

Summoned: A Battle With Darkness

A Novel

Welcome home.

After six months of recovery after her suicide attempt, May Brennan is finally leaving the hospital and going home. But what’s waiting for her isn’t just family-time, the familiarity of the past, and new beginnings.  

Strange things are going on, including items disappearing and reappearing, flickering lights, even a voice calling to her from the darkness. Something is watching and waiting, slowly making itself known. The power grows and so does the evil, things getting worse...

It becomes apparent that it’s after one thing. It wants May.

It answered her silent call.


Cover by DuskTilDawn Designs

Available in
ebook & paperback

Fright Club

First Book in the Bite Scene Series

Evelyn Walker is a simple library technician in the bustling city of Toronto. It’s an unusual time, as supernatural creatures have woken from their slumber and made themselves known, fighting for the same rights as mortals, running businesses, even raising families. Evie keeps out of the supernatural business, living the “normal” life, until one hot July night when the library stays open for a specific visitor—a vampire. She finds herself thrust into a new world with new rules, fighting to stay alive, all the while locked in the cold embrace of the undead love of her life.


Cover by Jessica Greeley

Available in
ebook & paperback