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A dystopian thriller that involves quantum physics??? Sign me the hell up


I won this book in a giveaway and after reading it in 2.5 days can say without a doubt that I am SO SAD THIS BOOK IS NOT MORE POPULAR. I am going to recommend it to all of my friends. A dystopian thriller that involves quantum physics??? Sign me the hell up. I also really loved the touch in the kindle version of the book with the interactive music experience. There was so much thought placed into this book. It also tackles some very important issues that are (especially) hot topics currently: human trafficking. Please please please pick it up and read it!! 

Goodreads Review 


More than a story!


This book catches your attention immediately. I am absolutely blown away by the journey intertwined with music to set the mood. What an experience! Perfect musical selections and detailed writing to literally move the feeling of each chapter. You can tell the author spent a great amount of time putting this story together. What a pleasure to read. Thank you!

Amazon Review - methodmike



A suspenseful, haunting story of survival!

If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, Red Sparrow, or Divergent, then you are going to love Callasandra Fractured. Cassie, a young teenage girl goes through such an amazing journey facing countless life threatening obstacles, simply trying to get back to her family. A cautionary coming of age tale that sucks you into the story from the first paragraph. I couldn't put it down! This story has so many correlations to our own US political struggle with the truth, tolerance, the power of celebrity and political corruption. Cassie's story gives a whole new understanding of the world we live in by standing on the outside looking in.

The addition of music using QR codes is truly inspired! I found the music not only enhanced the reading experienced, but brought a whole other element of storytelling as the music performance itself is a tool used by the characters to communicate, spy and hide. The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful and truly sets a mood each time it is used. I look forward to the next book and hope there is even more music!

In the year of the woman during a stormy US political climate, Cassie and her friends are hope for a better future where empowered young women and men truly can make the world a better place! This is a story I would love to see as a film!

So....when is the next book coming out? That was quite a cliffhanger Ms. Douglas that I didn't see coming!

Amazon Review - Sandmansleep

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Total surprise how it all wrapped up!!

This book is really good!  Not at all what I expected. I was 90% sure it was going to turn out that Callasandra was a schizophrenic and the whole story was her fractured interpretation of reality. I also thought for sure Marissa was going to die. Total surprise how it all wrapped up, and not many books can surprise me :)


I hope to see more work by Stephanie Douglas in the future!

Emailed Review - Phedromeda


This book is good

I liked the book, a dystopian world that was well flushed out. The music was good and the qr codes to reach them were unobtrusive. I wouldn’t mind reading a sequel.

Amazon Review - Mike McCleary


Fan of dystopian fiction

Great book. It was a page turner with unexpected twists. I thought it was provocative and compelling. The music created a cinematic feel. Not for the squeamish.

Amazon Review - Megan


 Fantastic music

Such a unique experience to have a book with music! It creates a whole new dimension for immersing yourself in the story-line. Stephanie Douglas does a wonderful job of delivering a powerful point about a serious topic an a manner that is easy to digest. It is a wonderful story with beautiful music, and a timely message to share.

Amazon Review - Phedre Parks



I LOVED this book – I read it twice! It’s a fast paced dystopian thriller that will make your heart race. I got sucked into the story immediately and lost track of time! The characters are fascinating - some are disturbing, some are inspiring - and the story is rich with intrigue and nail-biting/breath holding moments. It was very difficult to stop reading! I highly recommend it to anyone that loves riveting dystopian fiction.


Also - the MUSIC was such an innovative idea! I like that it was optional (it doesn't automatically play, you scan a QR code) but it seriously added a whole new layer to the reading experience. It’s not an audible book, it’s music that is described as happening in the story that you can listen to as well. It really felt like I was IN the story, listening to the music along with the characters. And it really created an ambiance and a feel to those scenes. I’ve never even heard of such a thing before. Brilliant!.

Amazon Review - Lady1Kat

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