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Autumn Delays

Well, obviously you can see the title...there has been a wee delay. Not on "Summoned" or "Fright Club"...just on my WIP! Haha.


So, basically things have caught up to me! Haha. It's really just me being...well, me XD Let me explain!



  • Everything is actually right on target!

  • I submit the final edit tomorrow (Oct 12th).

  • The paperback will go up sometime this week or next.

  • I am doing a takeover in Linda's Bloodletters group on FB Friday, October 15th, 2021! (LINK HERE).

  • I will be on from 4:30pm-5pm EST. There will be games, chatting, sneak peeks, & a giveaway! Make sure to join the group :)


"Fright Club":

  • Again, things are ON TARGET!

  • I expect the proof to okay this week, hopefully by Friday.

  • I will go over it thoroughly, getting it back by the deadline.

  • Then we do the cover reveal & preorder link goes up!

  • We're going to have a little release party for it with games & a giveaway. It should be great! Date is TBD.

  • "Fright Club" should go live in November.

So, okay, those are right on target...what's the hold up??

I may have run into a snag in that I'm doing re-releases for my pen name's series as well! So, I have new edits to do for four books. Thankfully, I should have them complete by the end of November.

I basically just have to deal with what's on my plate before I can bite more off, which will be completing "Crossing Stars & Sea". I should get back to it in December, at the latest. I may dabble on it in the mean-time, but I won't get the bulk of it complete until the winter.

I will definitely update once again when the preorder for "Fright Club" goes up and we do the cover reveal, which will probably be around the same time "Summoned" goes live as well.

I was hoping to do NaNoWriMo this year, but it looks like I'll miss out again. But that's okay! As you can see, I have my plate full! Haha.



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