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Autumn WIP- Crossing Stars & Sea

Yes! We have a new project :)

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After dabbling for a bit, wondering where I'm going to go next, I have decided to take the leap and start on my next work-in-progress (WIP).

I know what direction I want my career to go in, as that's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately, so I feel the project is appropriate.

Something different?

Yes! It's something different for me, yet wholly "me". In 2015 I took the chance on erotic romance, and Annabel Allan was created. I can't help but think I lost myself in that time. It has been especially rough since the summer of 2019, but I finally feel like I've rediscovered who I am again, & where I want my career to go.

What's it about?

"Crossing Stars & Sea" is a Gothic romance set in Victorian England (1880, to be exact). I decided to make its fictional sea-side town called Wellenshire, which is a throw back to my first manuscript I ever wrote and has been shelved pretty much since the beginning and has never seen the light of day! Haha.

It is first person POV, from Mora's perspective. She and her twin, Jack, move to this sea-side town to a manor on a cliff, Farrow's Point and the manor atop it (which I used the Casa del Duque in Spain as inspiration). From there, spooky things start to happen and she gets caught up in a romance with a man who is not as he seems.

So, we have some mystery, suspense, romance, and maybe even some thrills & chills.

Future Plans:

Right now, my plans are the same as the previous blog post.

I'm taking this autumn to write "Crossing Stars & Sea". I'm actually trying a new "process" to flex my writing skills and nip bad habits I've picked up in the bud. I really want to show vs tell, eliminate passive voice, and any words/phrases I tend to repeat.

I also am still planning on Summoned being re-released on October 30th, 2021.

In closing...

This blog post became too long when I wrote about the new "process" so I'm going to close this one off and put that in a new blog post.

I did some tweaking on Fright Club when I received the proof last week. BUT those tweaks needed to be put into the proof before I go over it carefully and make note of any editing or changes that need to be done.

I should have some word soon on my project, Eternally Yours, as well. It is a Gothic thriller, which I have an agent looking at right now from my June foray into PitMad on Twitter. Hopefully, we'll have good news & I'll be able to share!



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