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Carpe Noctem- Seize the Night

Welcome! I hope you're enjoying the website :)

I thought I would pop on here and write a new blog post on my WIP & what it all has to do with the Bite Scene series and where that's going...


Firstly, my WIP (work in progress) is the second book in the series! It's titled Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night). I do not have a blurb for it, yet, but I do have half the book already written.

I actually wrote Fright Club in 2015. It's been kinda just sitting in my work folder all that time...until my publisher mentioned wanting to do a darker side to the brand. I mentioned my OTHER vampire series (which I have also submitted), to which they replied about wanting something like True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse). Ding, ding, ding! The rest is history.

I had started writing Carpe Noctem a few years ago, after I did some edits on the first instalment. BUT I got over half-way through (46k words) and I got stuck. Thankfully, I feel like I'm in a better place with my writing that I can finish the story. My publisher REALLY wants the second one! So, that's motivation to finish.

The Future of the Series:

Yes, Evie has more of her story to tell! Which brings me to my second point! I mentioned before if you like Sookie Stackhouse and/or Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, you will love Bite Scene. A lot of my inspiration comes from those two series, but I feel I have made Evie and her world my own.

As Sookie Stackhouse and Anita Blake are series with many instalments, Bite Scene is also planned as such. In fact, I came up with the titles for 13 other instalments. I also have notes...somewhere, on how I plan to go about the series (I should really find those notes...).

Current Plan:

The plan right now is to finish Carpe Noctem and have it submitted by the end of June/21. I may start the third one after a wee break, giving me time to decompress and brainstorm for Evie's next instalment.

Fright Club progress:

That I know of, Fright Club is in production. So, it is being edited as I type and I will soon have those edits to go over. After a little back and forth, I will get the final proof to accept with one last tweak available. In that time, I will receive the cover art to approve. Once everything is perfect and formatted, it goes up for preorder with the cover reveal!

Keep an eye out for more on Fright Club! Don't forget to follow me on social media, I'm up everywhere as @sdouglasauthor.

Xoxo Stephanie.


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