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Dream Cast & Update

Welcome back to the blog!

First, an update...Carpe Noctem is COMPLETE! Well, the first draft is, anyways. I printed out my hardcopy and did my edits, but I'm still working on transferring them to the laptop for draft two. Then I will put it through a beta read before submission to BVS for publication, probably for next year (2022).

I thought it would be fun to do a little "dream cast" post though too! Kinda so that you can meet the characters. In no way has Fright Club been picked up for feature or TV adaptation and these actors are not affiliated with my post. This is simply a dream cast.

First up, our heroine! Evelyn Walker is not your run of the mill human. She's also a necromancer. I happened upon Danielle Galligan when I found the other character references...yes, they're all from the same TV show! I don't know if that means that they won't be cast in the same show/film again, or what. But she has the perfect look of Evelyn! All she needs are those baby browns, bangs, and curls, voila! She's Evie.

Next is love-interest #1! Rick Sorenson. He's a vampire born in the 18th century, turned by Axel. He's the second in command of the Toronto Faction of Vampires. I stumbled upon Calahan Skogman the same way as above. He just has the sticky sweetness of Rick.

Love interest #2...the sexy Axel Van Varrenberg! A 1400+ year old vampire, who runs Toronto, as well as the entire province of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. He's obviously working on snatching up all the provinces. One thing to note about Axel is that he's sexy, seductive, and doesn't know how to button a shirt. I see Freddy Carter as the perfect Axel. In reality, it was him that inspired me to write this blog post! I saw his face on IMDb and thought, there's Axel! :O

So, yes, I stumbled upon these gems while reading about the TV series, Shadow and Bone. They are all in it, though I don't know in what capacity, as I don't really watch TV shows these days. I just think they would be perfect for my dream cast.

What do you think? Are you excited for Fright Club? Do you want to know more? I am looking for a quick beta reader that will post a review when it goes could be you! Just e-mail me at I can send it via e-mail.



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