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Fright Club Updates

Well, as you can see by the title, time for a wee update on Fright Club!

Fright Club is in production and due back from the proofreader beginning of September. Once I go over those edits, we will lock in the preorder links and do the cover reveal...

YES! I received the cover art to approve! It's amazing and I cannot wait to share it with everyone :)

I do not know how long the preorder will be...probably about 30 days. So, we may be looking at a release close to Halloween! Which is just perfect for a PNR/urban fantasy novel.

Carpe Noctem:

I did submit book 2 to BVS for hopeful acceptance. I will be checking in on that in the coming weeks, but it will most likely be 2022 when we see a release.

Toil & Trouble, Trouble, Trouble:

The third book in the series has a title! It also has a blurb, a quick synopsis, and an outline. It also has the first page done too! :O


I am excited to start on Bite Scene 03, but right now I have other things going on, career-wise, and I cannot commit to a project yet. I'm kind of in limbo right now, but I can't say anymore on that. I will hopefully know by mid-to-late September what's going on and can update accordingly.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal and preorder links this fall!



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