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Summoned Re-Release

Yup, you read that title right!

We are going to be doing a re-release of Summoned: A Battle With Darkness!

The Plan:

As of right now, the Kindle has been taken down from Amazon. That was the first step.

Next, I am doing a new edit on it, making sure anything I didn't catch before, which was brought to my attention, is fixed up now.

The plan is to have the preorder for BOTH the e-book and paperback to be up on October 1st. It will then go LIVE on October 30th.

What about The Beast of Bradley Downs?

That is ALSO on my list!

Since we have a new cover, I am going to do a re-release of it as well. It will come down from Amazon on October 1st, when the preorder for Summoned goes up.

New edit will follow, as well as a sneak peek with the second book, which will hopefully be written and released in 2022-2023.

In January, I will post the preorder for it, both the ebook and paperback. Then, it will go live on February 1st, 2022.

Future Projects:

I will most likely be self-publishing all my horror work. This may change, but right now I have quite a few story ideas and as of right now, I want to make my current releases successful so I can release future projects. Editing & cover art is not cheap!

In closing...

Lots going on! Hoping to have a solid footing and know where things are going by the Fall. Thank you for sticking with me on this bumpy, haunted road! Haha.



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