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The Bite Scene Series

I thought since I "Fright Club" is so close to going up for preorder & the cover reveal, I would talk a little bit about the Bite Scene series! I did write a previous blog post, but I feel this will be a better, more in-depth run-down!

Bite Scene starts with "Fright Club" and is set in Toronto, Ontario in the summer of 2020. But this is a different world from our own--there are vampires, werewolves, fairies, shapeshifters, all kinds of supernatural creatures and they have come out of the proverbial coffin. This puts it similar to other urban fantasies, like the Southern Vampires (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Both series I HIGHLY recommend!

It's from our h's POV, Evelyn Walker, who works as a library technician. Obviously, you know where this is going...she meets a vampire & her entire life gets turned upside down. You see, Deidrick Sorenson isn't just any vampire. He's the second in command of the Toronto fraction of vampires, which is led by his sire, his master, Axel van Varrenberg.

"Fright Club" is the name of the supernatural nightclub in the book. I felt this was a good starting point, cause obviously Evie is gonna get in more trouble as the series goes on! Haha.

Mock-up cover for Carpe Noctem

Like The Southern Vampires & Anita Blake, I do plan for this to be a large series. Up to the 11th instalment planned, with titles for other instalments waiting in the wings.

As you know, if you follow the blog, the second book, "Carpe Noctem" has already been written & submitted to BVS back in June (I'm still waiting on word if it was accepted).

The third book is titled "Mischief & Magick". I'm kinda feeling it right now, so I may end up writing it before I finish my other WIP I had initially planned to get back to by the New Year ("Crossing Stars & Sea).


Don't forget that "Fright Club" is due out in November!

I received the proof on Thursday & sent it in with corrections on Friday. I'm very hopeful the preorder will be up by the end of October. It'll be up for preorder for about a month before going live in digital and paperback.

Xoxo Stephanie.


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